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Join the Hello Divine Crew for a fun afternoon of balloon creations, yummy treats and socializing! Get ready to create your very own organic balloon garland just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Easter or any upcoming special occasion. Don't worry, balloons can last 2- 4 weeks with proper care.


This workshop is perfect for the serial DIY balloon enthusiast who's looking for the basics to add some joy to their event. And the best part? You get to take your creation home with you! You'll have everything you need to craft a stunning 6-8ft organic balloon garland that will be the highlight of your event. Your design will feature balloons ranging from 5" to 17" and can be hung or made into a column.


Join us for an afternoon filled with balloon making, sips, delicious bites, and, most importantly, FUN!


*Please note: this is not a masterclass. If you are a balloon professional and interested in a masterclass, please contact us for in-person and virtual options.

Pop-up Balloon DIY Studio

  • Upon completion, you will receive a balloon bag to protect your balloons until your event, extra string, and a hanging instructions card. 

    We always recommend placing your balloons in a shaded area to ensure they look great for your event! Since this product is air-filled (ie. no helium), it will last for 2-3 weeks as long as it's kept indoors at a comfortable temperature. 

    We use only the best quality latex, bubble and orbz balloons. However, because of the fragile nature of our balloon products, we will not be held responsible for the condition of such items after they have been handed over in good condition. Weather, children, animals, foliage and more can have an effect on the duration of your balloons. In the Summer, we typically recommend avoiding installing on asphalt or other dark surfaces and in direct sunlight, as both of these will cause balloons to expand and pop. This includes but not limited to: damage, leakage, burst, improperly handled/transported/stored items, exposure to heat or cool temperatures, exposure to outdoor elements, sharp edges items etc.

    Balloons naturally do not do well in the sun. Since air expands when it's hot, the balloons tend to pop when in direct sun (especially dark colored balloons). The same result may occur indoors if balloons are exposed to direct sunlight through windows. Exposed to outdoor conditions, balloons will oxidize (become matte in appearance) and clear balloons become cloudy quickly. Balloons may pop/deflate when it rains so if possible find a shelter. Inside, your balloons will last much longer, especially if out of direct sun or heating/cooling surfaces!

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