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Relishing in good vibes

Passionate Planner

I never knew I needed a wedding planner until I became completely overwhelmed with the planning process.  Hello Divine! came highly recommended from prior brides AND guests from past weddings. We instantly connected.  She listened intently as I explained my vision, and facilitated it to perfection. She was personable, professional, calm, compassionate, detail-oriented, reliable, and hard-working.  Hello Divine! is passionate about their couples, and it is evident in their work. They FAR exceeded all of my expectations, and their contractual obligations. At the last minute they even helped me find clothing for myself AND my wedding guests!  There was never a time when I was unable to reach my planner, and their response times were amazing. Our rehearsal and wedding day ran smoothly due to the highly-skilled professionals at Hello Divine! My husband and I were able to focus solely on our love, and celebration.  As illustrated in our photo, we didn’t have a single care that day! Hello Divine! made sure of it. Through the planning process Hello Divine! has become an extended member of our family. My husband and I are FOREVER indebted for their hard work, and service. We look forward to doing it all again in ten years. Thank you!

Looking to have the wedding of your dreams while staying within your budget? We wholeheartedly recommend Hello Divine!

The Finkleys

Attention to Details

In 2020, we wanted to have a full fledge wedding but the circumstances of the world hindered that. With the whole world on lock down and social distancing in place, we opted for an intimate garden ceremony instead. At first, we only wanted a floral arch with bouquets, our officiant and our parents. But, in Keesha's care and motivation, the event evolved for the better. She encouraged us that even if the ceremony is small, it shouldn't be casual. She definitely elevated our intimate ceremony by adding details such as sourcing my bridal dress, suggesting a reception with close friends and family, adding tons of bridal décor and accessories, creating Zoom links, and definitely eased my stress in planning the event.  We could never have asked for a better planner. Keesha is passionate and detail oriented, making sure to take care of things we would not have thought of. Our ceremony went so smoothly with the perfect weather. Even our parents were praising her kindness and planning services! Overall, Keesha is present from start to finish, providing the best services for any wedding couples! 

The Adeboyejos

-More Divine Reviews Coming Soon-

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